iAfrica Festival

Stop Filming Us But Listen

STOP FILMING US BUT LISTEN (2022) takes a closer look at the imbalance of power inherited from colonialism and its consequences on the representation of The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In his documentary STOP FILMING US (2020), set in the city of Goma in DRC, Dutch filmmaker Joris Postema examined the link between stereotypes and this skewed balance of power. After a screening of STOP FILMING US in Goma, the audience wondered if the film could tell a different story using the same footage. Together with producer Ganza Buroko, filmmakers Bernadette Vivuya and Kagoma Twahirwa re-edited the footage to make a version that better reflects their perspective and does justice to their own experiences.

16 October 2022
Den Haag
Bernadette Vivuya & Kagoma Ya Twahirwa