iAfrica Festival


Amani is 10 years old when he is separated from his mother Riziki after a traumatic night in Kinshasa. He is 20 years old when he arrives in Brussels to find her and pursue his studies. Amani is haunted by the past. Riziki avoids talking about it while she is now living with Raphaël. More passionate about art than his studies, Amani gives them up and drifts away. Refusing to take the first step towards his mother, he runs away from home and makes new friends, to end up under the wing of a car dealer. Yet, his resentment turns against him, against the young woman he desires, and ends up hindering his new friends’ business. Will he and his mother find the force and the courage to overcome their problems?

14 October 2022
Filmhuis Den Haag
Nganji Mutiri